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Question: Is it permissible to watch documentaries that contain background music if the information gained in the documentary is very beneficial to the Muslims?

Answered by Sheikh Khâlid al-Mâjid

There is a distinct difference between hearing unlawful music and listening to it.

A Muslim who hears unlawful music is sinless if the following circumstances prevail:

1. It is not his deliberate preference and choice to listen to the music.

2. He does not deliberately give the music his attention and concern.

3. The circumstances are such that he is not in a position to change them or at least object to them.

Allah says: “A person has nothing but what he strives for.” [Sûrah al-Najm: 39]

Therefore, if the program is lawful in itself, the background music will not make watching the program unlawful.

And Allah knows best.